At Dr. Gimpelevich, OBGYN in Norcross, Georgia, we believe prevention is always better than treatment. While there are many complications that may arise throughout a woman’s life, there are several different ways of managing and treating particular conditions, and we are here for our patients throughout the process. It is recommended that from the beginning of menarche onward that both adolescent and adult woman should visit the gynecologist annually.

Our medical practice provides contraceptive counseling that may include prescribing medication, administering injections, placing IUDs, and/or permanent sterilization. Common health problems we treat include the investigation and treatment of chronic pelvic pain or bleeding due to endometriosis, leiomyomas (fibroids), ovarian cysts, and pelvic adhesive disease.
After menopause a woman encounters many new challenges that need to be addressed. From discomfort such as hot flashes, osteoporosis, to pelvic floor disorders and urinary incontinence, our qualified medical staff can help you prevent and treat these issues should they occur.
As a full service OB/GYN office we offer a wide scope of practice services including:

Yearly gynecological exams

PAP / Treatment of abnormal PAP smear


Treatment of STDs

Immunization (HPV)

Investigation of Infertility

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic floor disorders

Abnormal Bleeding

Urinary Incontinence

Menopausal symptoms

Office Procedures:




Endometrial ablation



Hospital Procedures:

Diagnostic and Operative Laparoscopy.

Robotic Surgery (Utilizing Da Vinci Robotic System)

Mini and conventional Laparotomy

Operative Hysteroscopy

Hysterectomy (vaginal, laparoscopic, LAVH)

Myomectomy (laparoscopic/robotic, open)

Tubal Ligation

Tubal reanastomosis

Repair of cystocele/rectocele (w/wo mesh)

Mid-urethral mesh placement for urinary incontinence

Interstim (bladder “pacemaker”)