Prenatal Visits

Prenatal care is very important in achieving a healthy pregnancy. At Dr. Gimpelevich, OBGYN in Norcross, Georgia, we will schedule routine prenatal visits for you so that we can monitor you and your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy.

Through prenatal care visits, you will find out your potential due date, check for the baby’s heartbeat, and more. Our dedicated staff will watch over your health and the well-being of both you and your baby.

With our medical expertise and guidance, we will teach you about proper nutrition and allowed activity levels. We will meet with you to discuss all expectations on the labor and delivery process as well as how to feed and take care of your newborn.

Average Prenatal Schedule

  • Weeks 4-28 – most patients have a minimum of one visit a month with their healthcare provider
  • Weeks 28-36 – 1 visit every two weeks
  • Weeks 36-40 – 1 visit per week

It is imperative to maintain the schedule your doctor suggests for your individual pregnancy, as it is vital to the care and health of both you and your baby. Some pregnancies may require more than the average amount of scheduled visits. By checking your health on a regular basis, we can identify any potential problems early on and continue to work on providing you the healthiest pregnancy possible under our care and guidance.